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A baby but no father…

The chance to have a baby was wonderful for me. He is healthy, but the one thing I can’t offer him is a father or a good friend. For us both, I hope one day to meet such a good … Continue reading

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Carrying a new life

Surprise! I learn that I am pregnant. After careful thought, I drum up my courage and announce the news to Denis, the love of my life. To my great surprise, he reacts positively and we decide to form a family. … Continue reading

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Dream and Expectations

When I was told the results of the pregnancy test, I said, “I don’t want this baby.” Then, I thought of how I love life, so I kept it. J., Belgium * * * * * Acceptance is not always … Continue reading

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Developping Family Ties

Someone jokingly said, “Marriage is two people solving problems they wouldn’t have it they were on their own!” Living together is, first of all, wanting to face life’s obstacles with another person. It is risk taking that makes life more … Continue reading

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Creating a family

When we are in love, the loved one’s face seems to fill our universe – we are in a sense enthralled. But when we conceive a child, the new life takes over, glowing within. He permeates our senses, not only … Continue reading

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About expectations

I am going to make one promise to myself knowing that I shall never keep it I shall have no expectation of you I do not expect your support, the warmth of your body beside me at night, your touch, … Continue reading

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