The Ever-changing Pregnant Body

I watch my body balloon and everything familiar about it disappear. Movements are more planned. The ease and flow of my being is stifled. I wait anxiously for some instinctual maternal haze to fall gently down around me and relieve my frustration.

Leslie, Ottawa, Ontario

* * * * *

I grieve for my smooth, moulded, sassy-slim body. I now inhabit a softer, comfier shape with blotches of still-pigmented skin to remind me of the linea nigra (black line) which mysteriously appears so gradually on a pregnant belly that you can never say exactly when you first noticed it. Does it come so we mothers can visually signal our status to each toher? Stripes for service to the species. Decorations for courageous infant-bearers.

Merryl, Baie D’Urfé, Québec

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