Welcoming new life within

I’ve seen your picture once, through waves of sound,

But mostly must imagine who you are.

Do you dream of me, as I dream of you

Little flutter, little infant, little one?

Ellen, Woodstock, Ontario

* * * * *

I never wanted to know which sex the baby was. To me that’s like opening Christmas presents before Christmas – half the fun is the aniticpation and hearing “it’s a girl”, or “it’s a boy”.

Joan, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

* * * * *

I judge myself harsly for this fear of having a girl. I felt guilty about this while I’m carrying my baby – it’s contradictory to giving birth and opening willingly to a new life. What soothes me is feeling that a girl baby brings reconciliation with femininity, and a gift of healing.

Donna, Granby, Québec

* * * * *

Children are in me as nature and humanity are in Noah’s ark – they are there for me to carry beyond the present world. I am the hen that broods and protects the eggs before hatching. All men and women become my children. I hurt for them, I must birth them. I want them but at the same time, it hurts. It hurts to birth them to life on earth, and it also hurts to no longer have them in me.

Nathalie, Hull, Québec

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