Carrying a new life

Surprise! I learn that I am pregnant. After careful thought, I drum up my courage and announce the news to Denis, the love of my life. To my great surprise, he reacts positively and we decide to form a family. We hadn’t known each other very well – we’d met only three months before – but we had talked at great length about the pros and cons of our new life.

Line, Rockland, Ontario

* * * * *

You feel like you’re the first woman in the world to become pregnant. It’s mysterious. It’s fabulous!

Louise, Chicoutimi, Québec

* * * * *

I resent people inferring our lives will change so drastically with the birth and development of our child. They imply limitations, restrictions and demands. They refer to lack of privacy. They do it very tactfully and perhaps inadvertently, but they do it nonetheless. If people would just change their attitude and relax a little, they might see children as simply a loving addition, rather than an imposition.

Leslie, Ottawa, Ontario

* * * * *

Pregnancy is not as I imagined it. I feel inhabited. I have a tenant that I haven’t even met. I know that I am willing to protect and give everything to this child, instinctively, but I don’t feel like a mother. I wonder what I will do when the baby is in my arms.

Sylvie, Hull, Québec

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