Early Pregnancy

Realization of pregnancy can stimulate many emotions:  awe, fear, reluctance, curiosity, protectiveness and a fierce love. This is a child – there is no turning back to being as we were before this pregnancy.

* * * * *

My third child, Alexander, was conceived on the shores of a secluded lake. His father and I spent a glorious week revelling in nature, picking blueberries, exploring the forest, canoeing on the lake, bathing in icy cold water, snuggling in the cozy tent, and indulging our hormones. I was ovulating.

Pamela, Boggy Creek, Manitoba

* * * * *

Our body is a machine designed for conception. An incredible arsenal is put in place at each ovulatory cycle. All our being strains to come together.

Louise, Chicoutimi, Quebec

* * * * *

I had just learned that I was pregnant. I was touched, trembling and closed. Closed to the world outside, for a while, so I could listen to what was happening within me. I could only tell that I was expecting in a whisper, to a gentle listener. Now that my tummy announces my condition before me and in spite of me, I feel less constrained.

Louise, Boucherville, Québec

* * * * *

We have used natural family planning since 1974. We have really enjoyed being aware of our fertility, and the times when you are able to use the fertile time of a cycle to conceive a child are very special.

As it happened, day 21 fell between the two weekends of our local pre-marriage course. We were giving the Natural Family Planning presentation. So, while pointing out the benefits of NFP, we showed them our pregnancy chart, and explained the significance of the 21 high temperatures. The young people spontaneously cheered and congratulated us. Father Frank, when he thanked us for our presentation, assured us that “you do not have to do this for every pre-marriage course!”

Trudy, Lyn, Ontario

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