The choice to have (or not to have) children

Once upon a time, there was a young girl from the slums of Montreal who had only one dream – to have babies. Even children are aware of their status and situation. Children of lower status have little self confidence and inner strength, and dare not dream, for stars are beyond their reach. But I wanted to be a mom, and mothered all the children I met in my life.

 Julie, Acton-Vale, Quebec

* * * * *

Do we want to have kids? Yes we do, but we always say the same thing:  “This is not a good time.” Most of my friends say the same thing, but when one does get pregnant, she never regrets it and always enjoys the thought of having a baby. Not only that but the rest of us are jealous. I don’t think it is so for men. They have more of a need to “provide” and all that stuff, where we have a physical reaction that makes us say “me too please.”

Kari, Ottawa, Ontario

* * * * *

I am sure there are alot of people in this world who do not want children now or ever, but for me, as long as I can remember I always wanted children.

Natalie, Verdun, Quebec

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2 Responses to The choice to have (or not to have) children

  1. joan smith says:

    As long as I remember, I haved played with Dolls.. dressing, feeding,burping, combing the hair of those that had hair.:-) , singing them to sleep, tucking them into their tiny doll cribs and pushing them in strollers. My most important wish in life was to have children. Not sure why some of us do and some of us don’t but for me there was never a debate. In fact, the only reason I decided ,after growing up with all brothers and no sisters and seeing all the fun the boys had over the girl things I was allowed to do , to accept the fact that I was a girl was because then, I could carry and give birth to babies. What do I think now after having 5 of my own? Well, for me, it would have been a shame to miss the kicks and wiggles inside of me. Even though not every pregnant day was a picnic… I overall loved the experience. I admire my non parental friends in their own wishes but happy mine came true. Years of sleep deprived nights,teething, potty training,nursing newborns, first days of school ( I cried every year), graduations and now empty-nesting….. where did those years go? Enjoy the moments no matter what you decide. I still can’t believe I am old enough to be a grandmother. When did that happen?

  2. joan smith says:

    OOps. in my former comment, I stated that I admire my Parentless friends/ while I do admire them, I meant to say, I admire my ” childless Friends” in their wishes. hope this makes sense…. Joan

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