Developping Family Ties

Someone jokingly said, “Marriage is two people solving problems they wouldn’t have it they were on their own!” Living together is, first of all, wanting to face life’s obstacles with another person. It is risk taking that makes life more exciting.

The two individuals who make up a couple must keep separate personalities and identities. But living with another person means agreeing to compromise our own egos to make room for the other.

This is the balance we must find, by constantly evolving and adapting. Harmony thrives on continual discussion and respect for each other’s worth as individuals.

Each can then face their own personal problems, and respond together to the problems we wouldn’t have if we lived alone!

François, Upton, Québec

* * * * *

I used to kibbutz about the fact that, because we lived about “five doors apart”, it was very inexpensive to court her. In those days it was taken for granted that the male would “pick up the tab” and that’s exactly what happened with us. We both had bicycles, so we did our courting by cycling around the city. If we stopped for some refreshment, it was usually a five cent ice cream cone we shared because I didn’t have the extra nickel to buy one for each of us.

Jack, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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