Creating a family

When we are in love, the loved one’s face seems to fill our universe – we are in a sense enthralled. But when we conceive a child, the new life takes over, glowing within. He permeates our senses, not only before birth, but after. And it’s not his personality that enthralls us, but his infancy.

Anne, Ladysmith, Québec

Choosing to live together is a big step in building self-esteem. I know this after ten years with my companion. Between us, creativity and a sense of humour have kept us afloat through rough waters. Dialogue is the nourishment of our relationship. I remember hours spent discussing ourselves, others, life…

Choosing to live together is building a future together. Even though we can’t have children, we have created a space for ourselves, a bond that is our very own.

Claude, Gatineau, Québec

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